The last paragraph of this Creed Thoughts is genius

Cyborg soldiers of the future! Sort of.

I'm normally not one for art kinda stuff, but mix in some Star Wars and I'm all over it.


The Onion: Professor Lasky from Saved By the Bell: The College Years Was a Jerk.


Super Mario Bros. theme played via remote controlled car


Taylor Swift among the big winners at the CMT awards, presumably in the "Most Pornstar-like Name" category.

Hillary's going to be on The Colbert Report


A great article on Greg Maddux


TCM has a Chuck Heston marathon

Dr. Kroger from Monk died.

There's a Hellboy 2 trailer out

The Invincible Super-Blog looks through the comics previews and finds the worst thing he has ever seen.


Jessica Simpson is easy on the eyes and not wearing much.


Pixar is making a sequel to Cars

Battlestar Galactica's season premiere got pretty good ratings.

Jericho might be un-cancelled again

Comics Should Be Good starts their countdown of the top 100 comic book runs

The creative team behind The Immortal Iron Fist, perhaps the finest Kung Fu billionaire comic today, is sadly leaving soon

Chris Weston thinks Batman should kill the Joker

Fun, challenging flash game


With one million signatures on this petition, Uwe Boll will stop making terrible movies.

Time ranks the top 25 blogs

Optimus Prime, made of cans.


Stephen King on video games

Coming April 30th, an awesome sounding comic called Helen Killer.

Charlton Heston died, hopefully not made into soilent green (too soon?).

The Venture Bros. season 3 will premiere June 1st.

Statistical Analysis of The Colbert Bump


18 Decluttering Tips, via Lifehacker.

The Onion: New Texas-Style Yogurt To Feed Man-Size Hunger For Yogurt


King of the Hill is renewed for next season

Porn (titles) for Depressives